Steering Committees

Executives and academics have come together to enhance the supply chain of the industry because they believe that collectively industry initiatives can be better accomplished to enhance the supply chain in biopharma by focusing on certain strategic areas.

This will also enable the sharing of best practices, experience and knowledge to make a difference as well as to remain current on the latest trends and changes that affect the industry. Further it is also envisioned that building a B2B network is in everyone’s interest.

The committees normally meet every month via conference call and in person at the Annual Conference. Their other activities are conducting webinars and contributing to the conference program. Each committee consists of individuals whose experience and ability will contribute to the writing and presenting of white papers and presentations to the industry.

The service provider members of the steering committees are committed to refraining from selling their services directly or soliciting business and have to be specially invited to engage in any business engagement by the other members.

Car T-Cell Therapy

To build and advance the supply chain of this nascent medical science to deliver affordable healthcare; to address the “Commercialization and Scaling Up of CAR-T Cell Therapy Supply Chain” through its incorporation of agility, accountability, quality and integrity in the business end-to-end.

CO-CHAIRPERSONS: Shankar Suryanarayanan, Executive Vice President, BSMA and Laura Alquist, Vice President, Supply Chain, Kite Pharma

  • Dr. Alison Moore, CTO, Allogene Therapeutics
  • Ron Emerey, President, Alchemy Associates
  • Bernard Huyghe, Senior Director, External Supply, Allogene Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Matthew Yedwabnick ,  Sr. Director Supply Chain , Atara Biotherapeutics
  • Franck Toussaint, Managing Director, Biolog Europe
  • Kenneth Locke, Global Head, Strategic Sourcing – Cell Therapies, Celgene
  • Kimberly Lounds Foster, Corporate Vice President and Head of Global Commercial Supply, Celgene
  • Jayant Aphale, Executive Vice President of Technical Operations, Gritstone Oncology
  • Neil Ackerman, Senior Director, Enterprise Supply Chain Global Planning and Innovation, Johnson and Johnson
  • Deidre Hobbs, Senior Director, Quality, Kite Pharma
  • Howard Bland, Sr. Director, Sourcing & Procurement, Kite Pharma
  • Marina Kreculz, Director, Category Management, Kite Pharma
  • Prentice Curry, Senior Vice President, Quality, Kite Pharma
  • Reggie Foster, Director Logistics and Packaging Engineering, Kite Pharma
  • Tim Sirichoke, vice President, Manufacturing, Kite Pharma
  • Carlo Guy, Vice President, Supply Chain, CAR-T Cell,  Novartis
  • Kevin Cook, Vice President Supply Chain, Novartis
  • Kirstin Powell, Global Head External Quality Operations, CGTDM, Novartis
  • Peter Holman, Global Apheresis Integration, Novartis
  • Karen Walker, Vice President, Global Quality, Seattle Genomics
  • Mandar Paralkar, Sr. Director and Digital Innovation Advisor of Life Sciences, SAP
  • Jon Pieter Kapelle, Vice President of Strategy, 4G Clinical
  • Kevin Cast, Partner, Archbow Consulting
  • Paul Furgal, Vice President, Archbow Consulting
Transportation & Logistics


To identify the best practices for controlled environmental logistics to maximize patient safety and enhance its value chain.

Chairperson: Joel Glende, CEO, Paladin Logistics Consulting

    • Alex Guillen, CEO, Bluewin
    • Chris Anderson, CEO, AstroCooler
    • Mark Naber, Director, Supply Chain Logistics, BioMarin
    • Chris Fore, Regional Manger, Healthcare Vertical, Envirotainer
    • Christelle Laot, Life Sciences & Specialty Services, FedEx Express
    • Darold Hill, Sr. Director, Manufacturing Operations, Celgene
    • Dave Malenfant, Executive Vice President, Industry Liaison and Talent Development, BSMA
    • Devendra Mishra, Executive Director, BSMA
    • Don Wilson, Manager, Engineering, Amgen
    • Douglas Wettergren, CEO, DOKASCH
    • Gary M. Hutchinson, CEO, Modality Solutions
    • David Windsheimer, Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Bio-Rad
    • Jim Peyton, Director, Global Supply Chain, Gilead Sciences
    • Karl Schlenker, COO & MD, va-Q-tec USA
    • Lorna Bizzey, Consultant, Brizzey LLC
    • Marissa Johnson, Vice President, LifeConEx
    • Rod Derifiend, CEO, Pharmour
    • Sophia Sharp-Donaldson, Leader, Supply Chain,Operations & Sourcing, Atara Biotherapeutics
    • Wahiba Hall, Sr. Manager Global Transportation and Cold Chain, Bayer Healthcare
    • Rich Kilmer, CEO, CargoSense
    • David Bang, CEO, DHL
    • Ravi Kiron, CEO, EMS Serono
    • Pat Luisi, Regional Manager , Healthcare Vertical, Expeditors
    • Virginia Addicott, President & CEO, FEDEX Custom Critical
    • Luke Moyer, Director, Supply Chain, Incyte
    • Ed Church, Secretary General, ISTA
    • Lorant Kovacs, Vice President, Key Account Development , Kuehne -Nagel
    • Robert Gahan, Vice President, Key Account Development Pharma/Healthcare North America, Kuehne -Nagel
    • MJ Cox, CEO, MJ Enterprises
    • Phil Evans, Sales Director, TSS North America
    • Jeff Tucker, CEO, Tucker Company Worldwide
    • Chris Amberg, Executive Vice President, Unitrans International
    • Lisa-Fuller, Temperature True Product Manager, UPS
    • Robin Hooker, Director, Global Healthcare Market Strategy, UPS


To identify the best information and systems technology required to meet the complex technology needs of the biotech and pharma supply chain.

Chairperson:  Randy Bradley, Executive Vice President, Digital Transformation in Life Sciences, BSMA

  • Alice Clais Augustine, Information Scientist – Vocabulary Management Lead, Amgen
  • Lou Killian, Enterprise Systems for Technical Operations, BioMarin
  • David Zhang, CEO, BioProduction Group
  • Erik Moritor, CIO, Bio-Rad
  • Horacio Enriquez, Manager, Global Quality Supplier Program, Bio-Rad
  • Rich Kilmer, CEO, CargoSense
  • Eric Garvin, Pharma Solutions Executive, Chronicled
  • Sam Radocchia, Co-Founder & CPO, Chronicled
  • Susanne Sommerville, CEO, Chronicled
  • Bob Lamont, Partner, Clarkston Consulting
  • David Bang, CEO, ConEx (DHL)
  • Mooraj Hussain, Principal, Deloitte
  • Chris Horan, Vice President, Technical Operations, Dermira
  • Colin Finn, Founder and VP, Marketing, Pelyco Systems
  • Kevin Riccoboni, IT Leader, Global Operations, Life Technologies
  • Shekhar Vishwanath, Director, Product Design and Developability, Eli Lilly
  • Khalid Shah, Vice President and Head of Pharmaceutical Operations, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Exelexis
  • Paul Brody,  Americas Technology Sector Strategy Leader, EY
  • Michael Louie, Vice President, Information Systems, Gilead Sciences
  • Subbu Panigrahi, Director, Supply Chain Systems, Gilead Sciences
  • Prashant Yadav, Strategy Leader – Supply Chain, Harvard & Gates Foundation
  • Albert Cooksey, Senior Vice President Business Development & Sales, ICS Connect (AmerisourceBergen)
  • Neil Ackerman,  Senior Director, Global Enterprise Plan and Innovation, Johnson & Johnson
  • Kevin Riccoboni,  IT Leader, Global Operations, Life Technologies
  • Bill Fox, Chief Strategist, Global Healthcare, Life Sciences and Insurance, MarkLogic
  • Michael Casey, Senior Adviser, Digital Currency Initiative, MIT Media Lab
  • Arun Cavale, CEO, NexInfo
  • Todd Hein, Director, Medical Device, Oracle
  • Tim Kvanvig, Business Unit – Life Sciences, Oracle
  • Andreu Torregrossa, Supply Chain Executive, Roche(Genentech)
  • Stefano Volonte, Head, Supply Chain, North America, Roche(Genentech)
  • Andy Ramelmeir, Vice President, Technical Operations, Sangamo
  • Anthony Raftery, Senior Principal Life Sciences Advisor, SAP-Ariba
  • Sandeep Sanga, Senior Principal Life Sciences Advisor, SAP-Ariba
  • Sudy Bharadawaz, Director, Spend Solutions, SAP-Ariba
  • Bryan Poltilove, General Manager, Cell and Gene Therapy, Thermofisher
  • Brian Daleiden, Vice President, Industry Marketing and Co-Founder, TraceLink
  • David Blewitt, VP of Cloud Compliance, USDM Life Sciences
Risk Management


To identify the best practices for the identification, measurement, and execution of managing risks in the end-to-end supply chain of the biotech and pharma industry.

CHAIRPERSON, Vijay Chiruvolu, Director, Operations Risk Management, Amgen

  • Arun Cavale, Principal, NexInfo
  • Chris Sam, Executive Director, Craigshannock
  • Jane Lavine, Insurance Executive
  • Michael Mooney, Director, Risk Management & Insurance – The Americas, Expeditors
  • Mohinder Sikka, CEO, Sensitel
  • Carla Reed, Principal, Tunnell Consulting
  • Yingming Yue, CPIM, Associate Director, Nektar Therapeutics
Strategic Sourcing


To identify and enable the sharing of best practices in common areas of interest relating to strategic sourcing.

CHAIRPERSON:   Horacio Enriquez, Manager, Global Supplier Quality, Bio-Rad

CHAIRPERSON:  Jim Latimer, Director, Purchasing & Supply Management, Pfizer(Medivation)

  • Paul Anderson, VP, Global Supply Chain, Life Technologies
  • Dan Ambrose, Director, Site Services, VWR International
  • Venkat Yepuri, VP of Global Business Solutions, Amgen
  • Donna Chapman, Vice President, Strategic Sourcing, Bio_Rad
  • Ken Duval, Director, Procurement Operations & Supply Risk, Shire Pharmaceuticals
  • Dale Dwier, Manager, Procurement- Direct Materials, Bayer Healthcare
  • Jennifer Forte, Associate Contracts Director, Purchasing Group, BIOCOM
  • Rick Fultz, Director of Purchasing Group, BIOCOM
  • Myles Marcus, Vice President of Supply Chain and Project Management, CMC Biologic
  • Joseph Hopkins, enior Vice President Operations (COO), Strathspey Crown Holdings LLC
  • Tim Jordan, Senior Global Commodity Manager, Siemans Healthcare
  • Mary Kachinsky, Vice President Strategic Sourcing & Operations, Kaleido Biosciences
  • Marina Kreculj, Director of Corporate Administration and Sourcing, Kite Pharma
  • Marc Lampron, Senior Director, Global Procurement, Genentech
  • Mike Mayo, Director, Materials & Procurement, Novo Nordisk
  • Mike Mitchell, Logistics, Supply Chain Manager Worldwide, MP Biomedicals
  • Amy Musolino, Director of Marketing, ThermoFisher Clinica
  • Sophia Sharp-Donaldson, Atara Biotherapeutics, Sophwiz Cosnulting
  • Isaac Young, Senior Director, Supply Chain Operations, BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Yingming Yue, Associate Director, Supplier Management, Nektar Therapeutics
Talent Management


To develop leaders and programs that increase the capabilities and skills in the biotech and pharma supply chain community.

CHAIRPERSON, Dave Malenfant, EVP & Industry Liaison & Talent Development, BSMA

  • Diana Bartlett, Corporate Engagement Lead, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACPHS)
  • Keith Launchbury, CFPIM, President, Keith Launchbury and Associates, Vice Chair, BSMA Talent Development Committee
  • Devendra Mishra, Founder & Executive Director, Bio Supply Management Alliance and Adjunct Professor, Graziadio School of Business & Management, Pepperdine University
  • Horacio Enriquez, Manager, Global Supplier Quality, Bio-Rad
  • Shankar Suryanarayanan, Executive Vice Prsident, Emerging Therapies & Technology Solutions, BSMA
  • Ed Arnheiter, Asst. Professor, Operations Management, University of the Pacific
  • Eugene Schneller, Professor, Supply Chain Management, W.P. Carey School of Business(ASU)
  • Phil Kaminsky, Ph.D., Professor, School of Industrial Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, Site Director, Center for Excellence in Logistics and Distribution
  • Richard Dawe, Ph.D., Professor, Ageno School of Business, Golden Gate University
  • Nevada Blair, Supply Chain Management, Bayer Healthcare
  • Adam Zak, CEO, Adam Zak Executive Search
Molecular Diagnostics


To establish a network and facilitate the sharing and building best practices, advancing the adoption of information systems and tools, and meeting the challenges of logisitcs in emerging markets of the Molecular Diagnostics Testing segment of the biopharma industry. The broad areas to be embraced are Sales & Operations Planning, Materials Management/Strategic Sourcing and Procurement, Logistics, Infomration Technologies, Emerging Markets and SCM in general.

  • Chairperson: Mike Crowell, Sr. Director, Supply Chain Mangement, Verinata Health
  • Meserve Platt, Associate Director Materials/Facilities, Cresendo Bioscience
  • Susan Jiang, Health Supply Chain Supervisor, Verinata Health
  • Winnie To, Supply Chain Manager, Natera Health

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