The Bio Supply Management Alliance was born for the need to create a worldwide community of operations and supply chain management leaders and professionals in the biotech, biopharma, and biomedical device industries.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, home to more than 400 bio firms, the Alliance provides a forum for collaboration, learning and best practice sharing of practitioners, executives and thought leaders in these uniquely demanding industries.

Founders Tim Salaver and Devendra Mishra have forged relationships with key industry leaders and defined initiatives with a vision to create process, people, procedure and policy improvements in this vital sector.

Because life depends on us, the Bio Supply Management Alliance supports continuous lifelong learning and improvement of bio supply management professionals.

Left to Right, key members of originating member companies at initial conference held at South San Francisco Conference Center in 2008
Chris Horan, VP, Supply Chain North America, Genentech, Mark Buck, Global Supply Chain and Procurement Leader, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Dave Malenfant, Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Alcon Laboratories, Allison Moore, Ph.D., VP Corporate Manufacturing, Amgen, Devendra Mishra, Professor, Decisions Sciences, Pepperdine University, Andy Ramelmeier, Ph.D., VP, Manufacturing and Process Development, BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Phil Kaminsky, Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, University of California, Berkeley, Thomas Panzer, Vice President Global Supply Chain PS – Biotech, Bayer Healthcare, Tim Salaver, President, Cornerstone Systems Solutions and President, APICS Golden Gate Chapter
Photo taken by Dotti Yells, President, DAG Consulting Inc, and Marketing, APICS Golden Gate Chapter



Why? ~ Transformation of the Science of Biotech to Business!

Biotech remains an incredible industry which provided a quantum leap in the pharmaceutical industry for health care in 1976 when Dr. Herbert W. Boyer and the late venture capitalist Robert Swanson launched Genentech and gave birth to the biotech industry. Since then the industry has evolved as an incredible, interconnected silos of Discovery, R&D, Drug Development, Clinical Trials, Commercialization, Distribution and Patient Care where each has pursued excellence with a scientific bent of mind. Very often, the developers of the intellectual property have only been motivated by getting Phase 3 FDA approval of their drug and divesting the enterprise to more qualified businesses.

BSMA is destined to maximize the efficacy of global healthcare by promoting collaboration among the stakeholders so that system-wide objectives of overall efficacy of drugs are continuously enhanced in terms of quality, integrity, cost, and accessibility. This requires an over-arching supply chain perspective which is holistic and systems-driven. Like a rising tide lifts all boats, supply chain is all about the complete ecosystem of Life Sciences being driven by the singular objective of maximizing patient care. Furthermore, because it has to be patient-centric, the supply chain automatically becomes demand-driven. Finally, because” Life Depends on It™, the flawless execution by the links of the supply chain, is a given.

How? ~ The Global Community of Supply Chain Professionals!

Building the community of like-minded professionals is the path to eliminating diseases on earth. It is the synergy of collective research, knowledge, experience and networking which will accelerate progress and realization of the impossible outcomes. Building BSMA in certain strategic regions of the world and collaborating with Associations, Institutions and Government Agencies will produce the virtual global footprint required.

What? ~ Innovation-enabling Global Platform for Education, Communication and Networking!

  • Global conferences addressing the challenges to enrich, advance and transform Life Sciences are the anchor of BSMA where professionals focus on Issues and Answers of the supply chain from Drug Development to Patient Care.
  • The Newsletter, Bio-Intel, serves a Clearing House for current information vital to the industry.
  • The various Steering Committees, consisting of dedicated experts in the fields of Strategic Sourcing, Drug Development Optimization, Sales and Operations Planning, Digitalization, Transportation, Risk Management, Talent and Career Development and Cell and Gene Therapy, advance innovation in their unique ways.
  • Round Tables of 20 to 60 executives coming together to address an industry problem provide powerful networking for a purpose.
  • Online webinars, conducted by experts, deliver value in addressing burning issues or providing solutions for historic problems.
  • Job Placement enables career building of professionals.
  • Surveys and Research are the sources of knowledge.
  • The BSMA website is a go to Place for members of the community.
  • The bridge between BSMA’s entities in USA, Europe and India allow navigation seamlessly for a common cause and interest.

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BSMA brings unique expertise from its board members and is driven by supply chain professionals having a large experience in the fields of life sciences supply chain. This allows reaching a higher level of quality than any other dedicated event.

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