Welcome to the University Industry Initiative Corner – or UII Corner, for short!

Our basic UII goal is to identify and pursue partnerships benefitting both the educational institutions as well as the bio-pharma companies. Such collaborations can be as creative as our creative spirits allow. Certainly, they can include student career opportunities, support for faculty research, enhanced networking, workforce education and training. But they might also include industry tracking studies, thought leader symposia, corporate-sponsored PhD programs, and more.

Our priorities are to:

(a) highlight and support any industry-academic engagements currently underway, and

(b) identify one or two new initiatives of interest to our members.

Contact Diana Bartlett ( for more information of this initiative and membership.

Below you will find our growing list of members of UII Corner.

We invite you to visit our BLOG, Click Here.


California Department of Public Health


Jennifer Bergstrom

Northeastern University
Profile of University Champion

Cuneyt Eroglu

Keck Graduate Institute
Profile of University Champion

Ed Arnheiter

Arizona State University

Profile of University Champion

Eugene Schneller

Texas Christian University

Profile of University Champion

Dave Malenfant

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Profile of University Champion

Mary Long

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