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May 11 2021


8:00 am - 9:00 am

Webinar: 4G Clinical – Clinical Forecasting and Demand Planning for a Patient-Centric Supply Chain

Traditionally, in a push-supply chain, decisions are made based on actual patient demand to determine a bulk supply strategy at Go-Live for a clinical study. This does not account for unexpected or unknown demand or current enrollment rates, but rather based on expected enrollment. This presents challenges to supply managers to achieve accurate forecasts and leads to wasted supply from overly conservative forecasts. Additionally, this acts as a barrier to achieving a patient-centric supply chain, where supply decisions are based on longer term patient enrollment projections. So, how can we move towards a more dynamic, pull-supply chain strategy for IMP management?


  • Overview of the need for a more patient-centric supply chain
  • Decision for a push vs. pull supply chain
  • Challenges being faced by trial sponsors amid increasing trial complexities
  • Best practices for forecasting for dynamic enrollment
  • How tools and technology can help enable a dynamic supply strategy?

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