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Aug 25 2021


8:00 am - 9:00 am

4G Clinical Round Table Discussion: “Patient-Centricity within Drug Supply: Moving from a Push to a Pull Strategy”

Patient-Centricity within Drug Supply: Moving from a Push to a Pull Strategy
In the new age of clinical drug supply, patient centricity has moved to the forefront. Traditional push strategies initiated production around the forecasting of future demand, often leading to wasted drug supply and slow response times. Evolving strategies in pharmaceutical supply such as Just-in-Time, drug pooling and continuous manufacturing enable lower inventory levels, smaller production lots and faster response times to actual patient demand. With that being said, this transition from a push to pull strategy does not come without its own unique challenges.

Join our interactive roundtable session to discuss:
• The need for a patient-centric supply chain through a use-case presentation
• Challenges associated with transitioning to a pull supply chain
• Evolving supply strategies such as Just-in-Time and drug pooling
• How technology can help enable patient centricity within clinical supply

The event is finished.

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