Driven by the vision and consensus of the Advisory Board with Bio Supply Management Alliance (BSMA) is committed to organizing conferences, round tables and webinars, publishing and generating research on the major issues facing the Life Sciences industry.

Today professionals from biopharma and associated industries and experts from academia, distributors, technology and service providers, and management consultants are carrying out the mission.

We invite you, the professionals of the life sciences and healthcare industries, to

  • participate,
  • learn,
  • contribute,
  • network and
  • take away demonstrated solutions

…at the Annual Conferences of the Biotech Supply Management Alliance.

In addition, we organize Round Table sessions in San Francisco and San Diego to assemble 20 to 50 executives to address a challenge of the industry over three hours of presentation, discussion and networking.

What about virtual round tables?
The 60-minute, online Webinars and virtual round tables are delivered by suppliers with an industry expert moderating it to focus on a major problem and solution which will enhance the knowledge and know-how of our members.
Finally, the Bio-Intel Newsletter has proved to be a Clearing House of Life Sciences information on a weekly time frame.


The world’s leading community of supply chain management professionals in the biopharma industry comes together on October 22, 2020, in Foster City, CA to discuss strategies and tactics for optimizing, transforming and advancing the supply chain from Clinical Operations to Patient care. These supply chain professionals bring with them a passion to address subjects, such as innovations in therapeutics, products and services; drug development optimization strategies, strategic sourcing capabilities for cost savings and quality, deployment of disruptive technologies, temperature-control;ed distribution and cold chain channels to maximize product integrity and patient safety; and supply chain talent programs to ensure development of future professionals. The organizers of the Conference are the eminent global supply chain executives of the Life Sciences industry collaboration with academia, suppliers, management consultants, research organizations and government from over 250 organizations.


At the conference, BSMA will focus on proven results achieved with case studies, technologies and services which have advanced the overall effectiveness of the industry supply chain. The combination of thought leadership from industry executives, academia and management consultants, and the leaders of the service providers and technology enablers, will demonstrate how to meet the challenges of the industry from end-to-end.


The evolution of the biotech industry from a science to a business has been fueled to a large extent by the relationships between the drug manufacturers and their supply chain partners. This event is designed to empower supply chain professionals to significantly enhance supply chain capabilities, and better engage their quality, finance, operations and regulatory compliance colleagues in their organizations. Professionals responsible for supply chain, strategic sourcing, purchasing, forecasting and operations planning, clinical supplies and operations, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and risk management in the biotech, pharma, medical devices, molecular diagnostics and related industries.

Who Should Attend?

  • Professionals responsible for supply chain, strategic sourcing, purchasing, forecasting and planning, clinical supplies and operations, manufacturing, warehouse operations, logistics and risk management in the biotech, biopharma, medical devices and related industries.

What Will You Learn?

  • Proven solutions delivered by executives and round table subject matter experts
  • Network with senior executives from the industry
  • Sharing of Best Practices
  • Understand governmental regulations and how it may impact your business
  • Learn about doing business in emerging markets
  • Professional development in supply chain management
  • Brand your enterprise in the biopharma industry
  • An understanding of the European supply chain

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Who will you meet?

  • Executives at all levels from Clinical Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Operations, Quality Assurance, Temperature=controlled distribution, Logistics and Distribution, Information Systems, Technology and HR.
  • Executives of the service providers, technology enablers and management consultants of the biotech industry
  • Academia devoted to studies and research in Healthcare, Supply Chain Management, IT and Digital Technology.

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