UII UPDATE, 7/24/2020

The BSMA University Industry Initiative (UII) continues to discover how our academic institution members are interacting with companies.

Previously, UII learned about the corporate partnerships program at KGI, USC School of Pharmacy’s capstone industry-sponsored experiential projects, webinar efforts at TCU, and the robust research initiatives at Arizona State.

More recently, UII has been in conversations with Lehigh University’s Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium (SCRMC) and Northeastern University.

Lehigh’s SCRMC, as the name suggests, focuses on risk management and building a resilient supply chain.  With an industry base of 28 companies, SCRMC conducts an extensive program of courses and workshops on risk and resiliency.

These include approximately 20 face-to-face public workshops (pre-COVID) a year with event partners.  SCRMC also facilitates in-house company workshops and seminars, as well as offering coaching to companies.

Northeastern University, with several campuses across the US, has a long history of co-operative experiential education with companies of all types.  Northeastern also regularly conducts capstone projects in which student teams work on a problem or opportunity on behalf of a corporate sponsor.

Through its faculty, the University also provides a rich array of media for research papers, curriculum development, and more.

UII will continue to uncover more of the treasure trove of talents represented by our university members.  Once we have compiled these and prepared a searchable directory of contacts, we will share these with all of the BSMA leadership.

Submitted by Diana Bartlett, Corporate Engagement Lead, Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, 7/24/2020