Strategic Sourcing Learning Exchange in San Diego


Calabasas, CA, March 31, 2014: The world’s leading community of supply chain management professionals in the biopharma industry will come together at Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice at USD on June 24 to focus on the critical issue of Strategic Sourcing in the rapidly globalizing business. The Bio Supply Management Alliance (BSMA) in partnership with the Supply Chain Management Institute (SCMI) of the University of San Diego (USD) will organize the conference to foster the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices of strategic sourcing from R&D to clinical trials, commercialization, manufacturing and logistics.

Devendra Mishra, Executive Director of the BSMA observed, “The evolution of the biotech industry from being a science to a business has been fueled to a large extent by the relationships between the drug manufacturing companies and their suppliers of raw materials, CROs, CMOs, clinical trials services and enabling technologies across the supply chain. A major driver of this evolution has been strategic sourcing where the issues of cost, quality, inventory and risk are operationalized to enhance the growth and profitability of an enterprise. We are also inspired by the history of the birth of biotech when academia and venture capitalists came together. The event is designed to empower SCM professionals in the large as well as small biopharma companies.”

Joel Sutherland, the Executive Director of USD’s Supply Chain Management Institute, remarked, “The partnership with BSMA augurs well for the mission of SCMI and fulfillment of the professional needs of the biotech industry which has a huge presence in Dan Diego. Our Institute has been committed to the development of strategic sourcing executives.”

The Bio Supply Management Alliance was founded on the basic premise that collaboration among the manufacturers and their suppliers across the board will significantly increase productivity, quality and safety of drugs. The half-day conference will address the critical areas of strategic sourcing and suppliers relations, clinical supply, virtual supply chain, information technology as an enabler, risk mitigation, temperature-controlled distribution and cold chain, talent development, emerging markets and governmental compliance. Supplier relations management has been a critical enabler in drug development, clinical operations, manufacturing and distribution of drugs. Eminent executives of the industry, pioneering academics, management consultants, recognized researchers, government representatives will focus on reconfiguring the links of the supply chain, ensuring visibility from end to end, integrating best processes and technologies and navigating regulatory requirements globally in order to maximize patient care.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PRELIMINARY PROGRAM (1:00pm to 5:30pm, Cocktail Hour to follow)

“Building the Global Pathway for Product Safety and Quality: Responding to FDA’s End-to-End Supply Chain Initiative”:
Guidelines and industry assessment of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s program to build a global pathway to product safety and quality in order to move from a posture of intercepting harmful products to anticipating and preventing the arrival of such goods in order to ensure maximum patient care in the world.

INDUSTRY PANEL: Executives will address the best practices, organizational structures, technology solutions and management development of Strategic Sourcing in the global marketplace for small, medium and large-sized companies. Learn how systems integration and information shared with vendors are reducing cost and lead time while enhancing productivity and accountability.

“Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Relations Management in the Global Markets”:
Presentation covering the total cost of acquisition, supplier qualification, metrics for success and strategic sourcing’s role in life cycle management.

“Quality Assurance and Risk Management in the World without Borders”:
An industry approach to leverage auditing of suppliers on behalf of the manufacturers.

“Compliance with Regulatory Matters in Emerging Markets for Sourcing”:
Presentation of the governmental compliance matters, market place realities, infrastructure limitations and cultural characteristics affecting strategic sourcing.

“Strategic Sourcing Talent and Career Development”:
Proposed solutions for advancing sourcing management talent and career development in industry along with what is available and the gaps which exist.

“Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain: Overcoming The Achilles’ Heel”:
The technologies, best practices, systems, standards, proven case studies of environmentally controlled logistics from source to delivery for manufacturing.

“Learning from the Best Practices of Hi-Tech Industry”:
The Hi-tech industry has successfully dealt with the challenges of constant technological innovations, globalization, gross margin declines and cost pressures. The resultant advancement of its overall supply chain provides tremendous insights for the emerging biotech industry.

“Information Technology Solutions for Small and Mid-sized Companies”:
Demonstrated solutions in the areas of R&D, Laboratory Management, Clinical Operations, Sourcing, Planning, Manufacturing, Distribution, Cold Chain, B2B Connectivity, Patient Healthcare Management and Governmental Regulations compliance.

“In-shoring VS Off-shoring: The Lessons Learned!”:
Case studies with considerations behind the decisions made.

“Serving the Industry: The Collaborative Way of Trade Associations”:
Presentation of the unique services, opportunities and challenges in realizing benefits from industry consortiums in the marketplace.


  • Professionals responsible for supply chain, strategic sourcing, purchasing, forecasting and planning, clinical supplies and operations, manufacturing, warehouse operations, logistics and risk management in the biotech, biopharma, medical devices and related industries.
  • Producers of healthcare products and service providers
  • Purchasers of those products – wholesalers, distributors and group purchasing groups


  • Learn from solutions delivered by executives and round table subject matter experts
  • Network with senior executives from the industry
  • Join Industry Forums to discuss and solve your business problems
  • Leverage technologies and services from reputed suppliers
  • Brand your enterprise in the biopharma industry


The Supply Chain Management Institute (SCMI), directed by Joel Sutherland, was created in 1999 and today has a rightly deserved reputation for supporting the development of exceptional professionals who are sought after by industry and the public sector alike. The SCMI Advisory Board consists of senior executives of firms recognized as being on the leading edge of their respective industries and fields. USD’s MS-SCM is one of the leading programs in the world, possessing both Institute of Supply Management (ISM) approval and Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) accreditation. SCMI disseminates its insights and best practices through graduate web-based programs, residence programs, executive education, and semi-annual forums.

CONTACT: Devendra Mishra, Executive Director, 818-224-1552 ORGANIZER

Details of the Strategic Learning Exchange to be published soon.

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