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BSMA has gone GLOBAL!!!

The world’s leading community of supply chain management professionals in the biopharma industry has come together across the nation and into Europe (2016) and now into India (2018)!

2018 Schedule of Conferences & Webinars

Webinar schedule:

  • February 28: Blockchain For DSCS: “How the MediLedger Project Delivers on Track and Trace Requirements”

Global Conferences schedule:

  • February 23: BSMA India: BSMA Launches at BIOASIA in Hyderabad, India – “Building the Global SCM Community for the Bio-pharma Industry in India”
  • May 25: BSMA Europe: Lausanne, Switzerland – “Driving Digital Transformation of the Biopharma end-to-end Supply Chain”
  • October 11, 2018: BSMA USA: 11th BSMA Annual Conference, Foster City, CA – theme: TBD