To identify the best information and systems technology required to meet the complex technology needs of the biotech and pharma supply chain.

  • Chairperson: Devendra Misha, Executive Director, BSMA
  • Alice Clais Augustine, Information Scientist – Vocabulary Management Lead, Amgen
  • Lou Killian, Enterprise Systems for Technical Operations, BioMarin
  • David Zhang, CEO, BioProduction Group
  • Erik Moritor, CIO, Bio-Rad
  • Horacio Enriquez, Manager, Global Quality Supplier Program, Bio-Rad
  • Rich Kilmer, CEO, CargoSense
  • Eric Garvin, Pharma Solutions Executive, Chronicled
  • Sam Radocchia, Co-Founder & CPO, Chronicled
  • Susanne Sommerville, CEO, Chronicled
  • Bob Lamont, Partner, Clarkston Consulting
  • David Bang, CEO, ConEx (DHL)
  • Mooraj Hussain, Principal, Deloitte
  • Chris Horan, Vice President, Technical Operations, Dermira
  • Colin Finn, Founder and VP, Marketing, Pelyco Systems
  • Kevin Riccoboni, IT Leader, Global Operations, Life Technologies
  • Shekhar Vishwanath, Director, Product Design and Developability, Eli Lilly
  • Khalid Shah, Vice President and Head of Pharmaceutical Operations, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Exelexis
  • Paul Brody,  Americas Technology Sector Strategy Leader, EY
  • Michael Louie, Vice President, Information Systems, Gilead Sciences
  • Subbu Panigrahi, Director, Supply Chain Systems, Gilead Sciences
  • Prashant Yadav, Strategy Leader – Supply Chain, Harvard & Gates Foundation
  • Albert Cooksey, Senior Vice President Business Development & Sales, ICS Connect (AmerisourceBergen)
  • Neil Ackerman,  Senior Director, Global Enterprise Plan and Innovation, Johnson & Johnson
  • Kevin Riccoboni,  IT Leader, Global Operations, Life Technologies
  • Bill Fox, Chief Strategist, Global Healthcare, Life Sciences and Insurance, MarkLogic
  • Michael Casey, Senior Adviser, Digital Currency Initiative, MIT Media Lab
  • Arun Cavale, CEO, NexInfo
  • Todd Hein, Director, Medical Device, Oracle
  • Tim Kvanvig, Business Unit – Life Sciences, Oracle
  • Andreu Torregrossa, Supply Chain Executive, Roche(Genentech)
  • Stefano Volonte, Head, Supply Chain, North America, Roche(Genentech)
  • Andy Ramelmeir, Vice President, Technical Operations, Sangamo
  • Anthony Raftery, Senior Principal Life Sciences Advisor, SAP-Ariba
  • Sandeep Sanga, Senior Principal Life Sciences Advisor, SAP-Ariba
  • Sudy Bharadawaz, Director, Spend Solutions, SAP-Ariba
  • Bryan Poltilove, General Manager, Cell and Gene Therapy, Thermofisher
  • Brian Daleiden, Vice President, Industry Marketing and Co-Founder, TraceLink
  • David Blewitt, VP of Cloud Compliance, USDM Life Sciences

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