Cell & Gene Therapy

To build and advance the supply chain of this nascent medical science to deliver affordable healthcare; to address the “Commercialization and Scaling Up of CAR-T Cell Therapy Supply Chain” through its incorporation of agility, accountability, quality and integrity in the business end-to-end.

CO-CHAIRPERSONS: Shankar Suryanarayanan, Executive Vice President, BSMA and Laura Alquist, Vice President, Supply Chain, Kite Pharma

  • Dr. Alison Moore, CTO, Allogene Therapeutics
  • Ron Emerey, President, Alchemy Associates
  • Bernard Huyghe, Senior Director, External Supply, Allogene Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Matthew Yedwabnick ,  Sr. Director Supply Chain , Atara Biotherapeutics
  • Franck Toussaint, Managing Director, Biolog Europe
  • Kenneth Locke, Global Head, Strategic Sourcing – Cell Therapies, Celgene
  • Kimberly Lounds Foster, Corporate Vice President and Head of Global Commercial Supply, Celgene
  • Jayant Aphale, Executive Vice President of Technical Operations, Gritstone Oncology
  • Neil Ackerman, Senior Director, Enterprise Supply Chain Global Planning and Innovation, Johnson and Johnson
  • Deidre Hobbs, Senior Director, Quality, Kite Pharma
  • Howard Bland, Sr. Director, Sourcing & Procurement, Kite Pharma
  • Marina Kreculz, Director, Category Management, Kite Pharma
  • Prentice Curry, Senior Vice President, Quality, Kite Pharma
  • Reggie Foster, Director Logistics and Packaging Engineering, Kite Pharma
  • Tim Sirichoke, vice President, Manufacturing, Kite Pharma
  • Carlo Guy, Vice President, Supply Chain, CAR-T Cell,  Novartis
  • Kevin Cook, Vice President Supply Chain, Novartis
  • Kirstin Powell, Global Head External Quality Operations, CGTDM, Novartis
  • Peter Holman, Global Apheresis Integration, Novartis
  • Karen Walker, Vice President, Global Quality, Seattle Genomics
  • Mandar Paralkar, Sr. Director and Digital Innovation Advisor of Life Sciences, SAP
  • Jon Pieter Kapelle, Vice President of Strategy, 4G Clinical
  • Kevin Cast, Partner, Archbow Consulting
  • Paul Furgal, Vice President, Archbow Consulting