Transportation & Logistics Steering Committee


To identify the best practices for controlled environmental logistics to maximize patient safety and enhance its value chain.

Chairperson: Joel Glende, CEO, Paladin Logistics Consulting

    • Alex Guillen, CEO, Bluewin
    • Chris Anderson, CEO, AstroCooler
    • Mark Naber, Director, Supply Chain Logistics, BioMarin
    • Chris Fore, Regional Manger, Healthcare Vertical, Envirotainer
    • Christelle Laot, Life Sciences & Specialty Services, FedEx Express
    • Darold Hill, Sr. Director, Manufacturing Operations, Celgene
    • Dave Malenfant, Executive Vice President, Industry Liaison and Talent Development, BSMA
    • Devendra Mishra, Executive Director, BSMA
    • Don Wilson, Manager, Engineering, Amgen
    • Douglas Wettergren, CEO, DOKASCH
    • Gary M. Hutchinson, CEO, Modality Solutions
    • David Windsheimer, Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Bio-Rad
    • Jim Peyton, Director, Global Supply Chain, Gilead Sciences
    • Karl Schlenker, COO & MD, va-Q-tec USA
    • Lorna Bizzey, Consultant, Brizzey LLC
    • Marissa Johnson, Vice President, LifeConEx
    • Rod Derifiend, CEO, Pharmour
    • Sophia Sharp-Donaldson, Leader, Supply Chain,Operations & Sourcing, Atara Biotherapeutics
    • Wahiba Hall, Sr. Manager Global Transportation and Cold Chain, Bayer Healthcare
    • Rich Kilmer, CEO, CargoSense
    • David Bang, CEO, DHL
    • Ravi Kiron, CEO, EMS Serono
    • Pat Luisi, Regional Manager , Healthcare Vertical, Expeditors
    • Virginia Addicott, President & CEO, FEDEX Custom Critical
    • Luke Moyer, Director, Supply Chain, Incyte
    • Ed Church, Secretary General, ISTA
    • Lorant Kovacs, Vice President, Key Account Development , Kuehne -Nagel
    • Robert Gahan, Vice President, Key Account Development Pharma/Healthcare North America, Kuehne -Nagel
    • MJ Cox, CEO, MJ Enterprises
    • Phil Evans, Sales Director, TSS North America
    • Jeff Tucker, CEO, Tucker & Associates
    • Chris Amberg, Executive Vice President, Unitrans International
    • Lisa-Fuller, Temperature True Product Manager, UPS
    • Robin Hooker, Director, Global Healthcare Market Strategy, UPS

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