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To help build an effective and efficient supply chain STRATEGY for the biotech, biopharma. molecular diagnostics testing & biomedical device industries by developing, advancing, and disseminating best practices, knowledge, & research.


To encourage and promote supply chain INNOVATION within the biotech, biopharma, pharma and biomedical device industries for the highest quality & clinical outcomes in patient care and welfare.



Belong to a community of professionals, sharing best practices and knowledge in all areas of supply chain management. Meet and get to know your counterparts from other top-tier organizations.


  • A journey unlike no other
  • Followers in Asia, Europe, and Americas
  • Alliance with international presence
  • Global supplier partners
  • Dedicated to increasing global capabilities


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You, Horacio Enriquez and Franck Toussaint, are the future of our group and I was totally captivated by your grasp of the situations at hand and how companies should embrace for these coming challenges and opportunities of BREXIT. Please continue involving yourself in BSMA and CSCMP where possible to better our organizations with talented people like you!

Mark BuckGlobal Supply Chain and Procurement LeaderBio-Rad Laboratories

First meeting in the morning was the most attractive, it gives us the overall concept of Supply Chain; great presentations with dynamic pictures and slides; panel discussions are interesting, because it’s very interactive.

Agustin GarciaAPICS

I like the PLM material shipment relationship presentation most in the event; the keynotes and panels are very interactive, which give me good insights of Supply Chain from different perspectives, such as suppliers, vendors, and engineers.

Susan IsbellMerck

The meetings are informative; discussions of Panels are very interactive;  this meeting has been the biggest BSMA meeting than ever, which gives us more chances for connecting people in this industry; the meetings also give us up-to-date information from different perspectives by covering all the important topics in the bio supply chain.

Mike ZojajiBayer

Builds up more new connections, and get chances to know more vendors.

Basil ParisTraceLink

Most interested in the logistics part discussions; want to extend the meeting to 2 days.

Wanda LeeIllumina

I like the segmented meetings in the afternoon with different interesting topics; the meeting talks about the environmental issues too, which are good.

Bobbie McClanEnvirotainer

Your full day was impressive.  Heard a great many robust compliments on the meaty nature of discussion, ideas presented and audience interaction.

Michele CarrollPresident, CSCMP SF Roundtable, and PresidentCarrollco Marketing Services

To speak to a really great group of individuals at this year’s conference was an honor. Not only did I appreciate the chance to speak about sustainability and how the industry is moving forward, but I also learned a lot about supply chain challenges and some innovative ways that companies are working to tackle them.

Megan MaltenfortSustainability ManagerVWR International, LLC

It is somewhat comforting to know that supply chain ….. is supply chain ….. is supply chain. No matter what the industry, the same types of issues and risk exist. And for that reason, there will always be a need for Supply Chain professionals!

Michael DonahueStrategic Supplier Management, MM OperationsEMD Millipore

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