BSMA Launches ePedigree & Serialization Adoption Support Initiative for Biotech Companies

Calabasas, California, July 9, 2013. The Bio Supply Management Alliance (BSMA) has appointed Amy Penticoff as the Chairman of the “ePedigree and Serialization Initiative for Biotech” in order to support the preparedness for the ePedigree Law of the State of California which goes into effect by January 2015. The subject of preparing for the adoption of the Law will be a major area of focus at the upcoming Annual Conference of BSMA on October 8 in Foster City, where Ms. Virginia Herold, the Executive Officer of the CA State Board of Pharmacy, will deliver the Keynote address. Devendra Mishra, Executive Director of BSMA stated, “We are committed to getting our members prepared for the ePedigree Law of the State of California while being mindful of the similar initiatives in other major regions of USA and the world. (more…)