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To help build an effective and efficient supply chain STRATEGY for the biotech, biopharma. molecular diagnostics testing & biomedical device industries by developing, advancing, and disseminating best practices, knowledge, & research.


To encourage and promote supply chain INNOVATION within the biotech, biopharma, pharma and biomedical device industries for the highest quality & clinical outcomes in patient care and welfare.



Belong to a community of professionals, sharing best practices & knowledge in all areas of supply chain management. Meet, get to know your counterparts from other top-tier organizations.


  • A journey unlike no other
  • Followers in Asia, Europe, & Americas
  • Alliance with international presence
  • Global supplier partners
  • Dedicated to increasing global capabilities

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Thank you for putting on another successful BSMA.  The award and recognition is greatly appreciated.  It was a special thrill for me to accept on behalf of all at Envirotainer that contributed.  The content and attendees again delivered on the high level that is required to set BSMA apart, and the message will be carried back to my HQ in Sweden of the nice momentum and full wind in our sails.  Please continue to include us in future sponsorship opportunities on the expanding global programs, as at the very least I know we will be there with you in Hyderbad, and if I have anything to say about it, Envirotainer will continue to be innovative in this space and a strong partner with BSMA.

Douglas WettergrenGlobal Key Account ManagerEnvirotainer Inc

I really thought the interaction and engagement of the audience was strong, Dave you did a great job of stimulating the audience with perspective, questions, and out of the box questions and challenges to the pharma industry to think differently.  Innovation is a high motivator and getting senior leadership on board with it is critical and that seemed to be a clear theme at the conference.

Tim MooreExecutive Vice President, Technical OperationsKite Pharma

The conference was full of energy this year. Over 200 attendees and thought provoking mix of company success stories, expert panel discussions, and wonderful networking. Lets keep driving focused on our mission of growing the supply chain excellence in the Biotech industry.   We need to balance catering to larger companies and supporting those companies that are just developing their supply chain expertise.

Kevin PegelsVice President, Global Supply ChainIllumina

The conference was remarkably open and geared towards sharing best known methods, something I have not observed in other parts of silicon valley. I found the Kite cell therapy key note very innovative and invigorating. I was also impressed that the supply chain is centered within the USA .  In the semiconductor space as you know since the last 2 decades much of the cutting edge manufacturing has gone to Asia. This is a serious issue for the USA for without having manufacturing next to you, you cannot do great development. I love the mission of the alliance which is centered on strategy, innovation and global community all for improving health and finding cures for patients.

Suresh Sachdev

What you’ve accomplished with the BSMA and the relevance of  the topics and breakthrough pathways  you promote is of considerable significance. It takes not only a deep acumen of the industry  trend, but also a keen sense of the impact of those novel approaches, with close  interdependency between  hospital sites, complex logistics  and  unique cell therapy Manufacturing process. Thank you for spreading awareness in such timely and engaging way.

Marina KreculjDirector of Sourcing and Procurement Kite Pharma, a Gilead Science Company

 As biopharmaceutical process engineers-in-training at KGI, most of us are only exposed to the R&D, process development, quality and regulatory features of the industry. I’m sure that the other BSMA conference attendees in my cohort would agree that the experience has really opened our eyes to the supply chain aspect of the biotech industry. The supply chain was something we took for granted and therefore overlooked, but clearly it is one of the most important aspects of the industry. Simply put, the supply chain is the bridge to the people that the industry serves.

Swetha PrabhakaranMaster of Mechanical EngineeringKeck Graduate Institute

Attending this conference allowed me to understand the capacity of supply chain, and it gave me homework to research further. In addition, I networked with individuals from various companies that can assist in guiding my thought process as I apply supply chain to my master’s design project this year. Ensuring patients receive the life-saving medications they need on time without damaging the viability of the product is of the utmost importance. The BSMA conference provided a new piece to the puzzle of how to ultimately put the patient first. I would certainly consider attending more conferences hosted by the BSMA committee.     

Nancy MattiMaster of Engineering, Biopharmaceutical Processing 2018Keck Graduate Institute

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